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The coronavirus disease( COVID-19 ) – A supportive approach with selected micronutrients

The pandemic of COVID-19 spreads worldwide rapidly and has had an enormous public health impact with substantial morbidity and mortality. Especially in high-risk groups, such as older people and patients with comorbidities like diabetes, dementia or cancer. In addition to existing vaccines against COVID-19, maintenance therapies are urgently sought – a supportive approach with selected […]

Effect of improved zinc status on T cells activation

Ефект от подобряването статуса на цинк

Zinc deficiency in healthy adults leads to impaired immune response, with an effect on the activation status of helper T cells. Mild zinc deficiency is a common condition in healthy elderly individuals leading to impaired cell-mediated immune response. Here we report the effect of improved zinc status on TH1/TH2 balance. Covering on the activation status […]


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