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Köhler Pharma



Köhler Pharma GmbH is a medium-sized German company, based on the creation of the biochemist Dr. Franz J. Koehler, who creates mineral supplements developed for professional therapeutic use. As early as the 1950s, Dr. Franz Koehler developed mineral supplements that, when combined with aspartic acid, could be easily absorbed and used by the body. Since then, the product range has been constantly expanding and improving through continuous research and development. In the field of drug administration and organ protection, Dr. Koehler has developed innovations that continue to improve medical diagnosis and therapy to this day.
As a second generation growing company, it continues to follow the principles of serious and careful research. In close contact with doctors from clinics and practices, high-quality products are developed and tested for the benefit of the patient in order to enable targeted therapies.
At the same time, Köhler Pharma GmbH sees itself as a cell that makes a positive contribution to the cultural and social growth of society as an organism. That is why it participates as a sponsor in the field of sports and supports non-commercial cultural institutions.
Dr. Franz Koehler is dedicated to the research and development of drugs for medical diagnosis and therapy, which are successfully marketed today. With the expansion of Köhler Pharma’s product range, therapeutic benefits, tolerability and quality continue to be top priorities.
That is why Köhler Pharma preparations are also very popular in naturopathy, which are either used in the form of combined preparations or consist of individual vitamins and minerals such as zinc. For better usability, the preparations are combined with natural carriers such as aspartate. This shows that Dr. Koehler never wanted to offer “only” natural substances. The aim is rather always to provide the substances for Therapist and Patient with the help of the most modern research, in the best possible “form”. A principle that has been constantly maintained in expanding the product range over the last few years.


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