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Koehler Pharma is a German company that offers high quality products based on vitamins and minerals. As early as the 1950s, Dr. Franz Koehler developed mineral supplements that could be easily absorbed and used by the body. Since then, the product range has been constantly expanded and improved through constant research and development.

The basis for the creation of the company by its founder Dr. Koehler is the study of minerals and their bioavailability in the human body. The introduction and production of the first potassium-magnesium preparation in connection with aspartic acid or aspartate as a transport material became the first task of the newly established company. The main problem was and still is the purposeful use of vital organic and inorganic elements. 


  • УНИЦИНК Имун Плюс 10

    UNIZINK IMMUN PLUS for a stronger immune system x10 capsules

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  • УНИЦИНК 50 при недостиг на цинк

    UNIZINK®50 for zinc deficiency x50 tablets

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  • ВИТАМИН D3 Kьолер 2000 IU

    VITAMIN D3 Koehler 2000 IU for healthy bones, teeth and muscles x60 soft capsules

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  • ВИТАЦЕЛ ® ОМЕГА в подкрепа на мозъка и зрението

    VITAZELL®-OMEGA for brain and vision support x15 capsules

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  • МАГНЕЗИЙ - Кьолер при крампи

    MAGNESIUM – Koehler in muscle cramps x30 capsules

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  • SITOBACT® for healthy intestinal flora x15 capsules

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    THERAZYM® for digestive problems x25 tablets

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  • ТИМУС - Kьолер за изграждане на добър имунитет

    THYMUS – Koehler to strengthen immunity x30 capsules

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  • ТРОФИКАРД КЬОЛЕР за здрави мускули

    TROPHICARD® Koehler for healthy muscles and normal blood pressure x50 tablets

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  • ФЛАВО-НАТИН за чревна флора и имунитет

    FLAVO-NATIN® for intestinal flora and immunity x30 capsules

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  • УНИЦИНК ® Имун Плюс 30 капс

    UNIZINK IMMUN PLUS for a stronger immune system x30 capsules

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  • УНИЦИНК Комбикрафт за силен имунитет

    UNIZINK KOMBIKRAFT for strong immunity and stress fighting 25 ml x25 flacons

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  • Уницинк таблетки за смучене

    UNIZINK® LUTSCHPASTILLEN for a healthy immune system x30 lozenges

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Научни изследвания за Цинк

Studies for Zinc

The trace element zinc is indispensable for many processes in the human body. So it is not surprising that zinc deficiency is diagnosed as one

Храни и съдържание на цинк

Nutritional values and zinc content

In support of a healthy lifestyle, we provide you with information on a selection of foods and their zinc content, calories and bread units for

Цинк и COVID-19

Zinc and respiratory tract infections

In view of the emerging COVID‑19 pandemic caused by SARS‑CoV‑2 virus, the search for potential protective and therapeutic antiviral strategies is of particular and urgent

Ролята на цинка в антивирусния имунитет

The role of Zinc in antiviral Immunity

Zinc is an essential trace element that has a crucial role for growth, development, and the maintenance of antiviral immunity. Its influence reaches all organs


The interactive Zinc deficiency test – your personal assessment, just in a few steps

Questions and answers about zinc

Some medical treatments allow up to 200 mg of zinc per day. Adverse reactions reported between 275 and 550 mg zinc daily.

Breast milk contains 3-5 mg of zinc per liter. An extra dose of zinc can be helpful, especially when children eat small portions of meat.

Zinc is a natural element and can be found in almost all foods.

The human body depends on zinc. We have a connection with zinc since our birth. However, as with all minerals and vitamins, the intake should be within the recommended doses, especially with continuous intake. Then the advice is for regular blood tests..

Less than 1% of zinc in the body is found in serum. The body tries to maintain this amount, even when there are not enough reserves and uses other resources for this (skin, muscles). The analysis of the hair proved that it was not determining. On the other hand, the determination of zinc in the blood is important.



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