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Fatigue and Exhaustion

The best protection against disease is a functioning immune system. In order to strengthen it and counteract pathogens, the individual must constantly work on it. The pillars of the immune system are hardening, mental balance and proper diet. This will prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

Lack of exercise and fresh air make defense slow. Regular outdoor exercise improves not only the immune system but also the body’s circulation. However, at sub-zero temperatures, sports activities should be moved indoors to protect the bronchi. Moderate endurance training is best. However, highly effective sports weaken the immune system through high levels of stress. Sauna, water jets and contrast showers also improve the body’s regulatory mechanisms and stimulate the immune system through various temperature stimuli. However, they are only successful if used regularly. If the body already has a cold, you need to temporarily get rid of it.

Emotional stress such as severe mental stress, grief and depression, sleep disturbances or constant stress from noise or air pollution make the body more susceptible to infections, fatigue and exhaustion.

The body’s defenses are weakened and have nothing to offer against pathogens. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or yoga can be helpful in strengthening the body. If the personal social network is not enough to absorb and maintain mental stress, you should not hesitate to use the services of occupational therapists. Heavy alcohol consumption and active and passive smoking are also very stressful for the body.

That is why prevention is even more important. Various studies have shown that zinc supplementation significantly reduces susceptibility to infections. This prevents the emergence of chronic diseases, where it is no longer possible to fully restore health.

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