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The basis for the creation of the company by its founder Dr. Koehler is the study of minerals and their bioavailability in the human body. The introduction and production of the first potassium-magnesium preparation in connection with aspartic acid or aspartate as a transport material became the first task of the newly established company. The main problem was and still is the purposeful use of vital organic and inorganic elements. Since then, preparations with aspartate and amino ethyl phosphate (EAP) as carriers of important minerals have become an integral part of therapeutic practices.

Research into the elements and trace elements themselves is still one of the company’s top priorities. The well-known undisputed importance of the element zinc for many important biological functions (growth and healing processes, glucose metabolism, immune system and fertility) was discussed for the first time by Dr. Koehler. In the development of Unizink, he discovered a preparation of zinc aspartate, which is still used successfully for therapeutic purposes by many doctors to this day.

The body needs aspartic acid to be able to absorb and use the minerals in the blood. In the ionized form (salt) it`s called aspartate. Aspartate is especially important for the conversion of fats and carbohydrates into coenzymes. Asparagine also plays a major role as a messenger for nerve cells (neurotransmitters) and for building muscle mass (purine and pyrimidine biosynthesis).

Zinc is crucial for cell division and therefore an adequate supply of zinc is an essential prerequisite for growth and development. The skin in particular is undergoing a constant process of growth and renewal, which is why zinc is so important to it. The same goes for normal hair growth. Most of the life processes in our body are controlled by enzymes. Zinc is involved in the function of more than 200 enzymes (biocatalysts), which in turn perform important functions in our body. The second most common trace element (after iron) is zinc. It is present in all tissues and organs. Hair, bones and muscles are especially rich in zinc. High levels of zinc are also found in the retina of the eye.


Zinc is involved in hormonal metabolism: growth and sex hormones are affected by zinc and insulin, the hormone in the pancreas responsible for sugar metabolism depends on zinc for its formation and function. Zinc also plays an important role in brain metabolism and is required for a number of sensory functions (taste, smell, sight, hearing). The immune system is also particularly dependent on zink.

When looking for new active ingredients with good bioavailability and optimal organ-specific properties, special attention is paid to maximum tolerability. Therefore, Koehler Pharma offers trace elements that are available in the form of tablets that are resistant to gastric juice and are therefore particularly gentle on the stomach and well tolerated. The systematic expansion of the range of high-quality food supplements, which not only compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, will remain an important goal of the company’s own research in the future.


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