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We want to be healthy and alive – preferably for the rest of our lives. A healthy diet and enough exercise also contribute to this, as does a balanced, stress-free lifestyle. The element zinc, which contributes to fitness and vitality through its effect on almost all bodily functions, should not be underestimated.

Zinc is a mineral common on earth. It is one of the inorganic trace elements that are vital for plants, animals and humans. It is found in all organs and body fluids. Although deficiency has fatal consequences, it is often overlooked.

Fitness means being able to cope with the demands of life and the environment, both physically and mentally and spiritually. While we can keep our bodies in shape through exercise, the mind and spirit seem to be largely out of control.
But here we have influence. Those who face their problems and stay mentally healthy are the ones who keep their mental abilities in shape.
We humans want to be active …
… it means that we want to be actors in our own lives, instead of being determined by others. Most of us resist vigorously when others seek to guide or control our destiny. However, it becomes more difficult to protect yourself from your own passivity and laziness. But sometimes many of us feel too exhausted and overwhelmed to take action.
There may be various reasons for this. Zinc deficiency is just one possibility. However, it often manifests itself in declining productivity and states of exhaustion. In most cases, this is prevented by a balanced and healthy diet.

Being active …
… this means not only acting mentally, but also moving physically. Regular exercise maintains health, prevents various diseases and strengthens the whole body.

Regular exercise reduces fat and increases muscle. LDL cholesterol in the blood decreases, while HDL cholesterol increases. Training also improves blood sugar levels. In people who are physically active, the risk of cancer is also reduced, especially in the colon, lungs, breasts and prostate.
Regular exercise several times a week can even improve the immune system by more than 30 percent.
Moderate and regular exercise prevents muscle breakdown and improves bone density. This makes it the best treatment for osteoporosis (bone loss) and other signs of aging. Athletically active seventies can have the same performance as untrained thirties.
The psycho-mental aspect should also not be underestimated. By reducing cortisol, stress is reduced and the body can relax better. Food is also better utilized and rest periods are used more effectively. This increases performance and, as a result, general well-being.


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