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Bones joints and muscles

The joints do not have nerves or blood vessels, but they can cause a lot of pain. Cartilage in the joints needs regular pressure and balancing relief. During movement, they are supplied with synovial fluid and relieve tension on the skeleton. If the joints are not loaded enough, the cartilage becomes brittle and breaks down. The cartilage becomes thinner and thinner and can no longer serve as a shock absorber. In the later stages of this degradation, the bone meets the bone. But the joints are already irritated by damaged cartilage and the inflammation is increasing.
It is never too late to strengthen your joints. Even with osteoarthritis, exercise has a positive effect on the joints and reduces pain.
Regular exercise for at least half an hour is healthy for the whole body. However, you should choose a sport that puts a lot of strain on your joints but doesn’t put too much strain on them. Apart from back gymnastics, which can be learned in special courses and must be practiced every day, there are other sports that can be easily learned without large financial investments. In all cases, however, it is advisable for beginners to seek advice from experienced coaches in order to practice the sport effectively and in a healthy way.

Cycling is a joint-sparing sport that strengthens the heart and blood circulation. Moderate jogging and walking are also good for bones, joints and organs. Especially in Nordic walking, the use of sticks protects the lower joints, while at the same time the upper body (shoulders and back) is loaded. This sport is also more effective at burning fat than conventional walking.

Stress on bones and joints when moving in water is particularly low. Due to buoyancy, body weight is reduced, but muscles must be used heavily to complete a movement. In addition to swimming, water aerobics and aqua jogging are very effective and healthy.


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