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Nutritional values and zinc content

July 6, 2021

In support of a healthy lifestyle, we provide you with information on a selection of foods and their zinc content, calories and bread units for diabetics.

Please note that the body can absorb a maximum of 50% of the zinc content of the food.

Zinc levels in agricultural products vary as they depend on the nature of the soil and the plants absorb and store different amounts at different times of the year.

We recommend that you regularly perform a Zinc Deficiency Test to identify possible risks at an early stage.

100g of the listed foods contain:

FoodsCaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size


Raspberries360.75 BU0,52 mg125 g
Pear501 BU0,23 mg150 g
Banana631,25 BU0,22 mg150 g
Black currant320,5 BU0,18 mg125 g
An apple560.75 BU0,12 mg150 g
Berries320,5 BU0,12 mg125 g
Orange400.75 BU0,10 mg150 g
Mandarin461 BU0,08 mg50 g
Grapes681,25 BU0,08 mg125 g
Apricot401 BU0,07 mg50 g
Peach481 BU0,02 mg125 g

Oils and fats

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Butter7410 BU0,20 mg20 g
Corn oil8840 BU0,20 mg20 g
Margarine7100 BU0,20 mg20 g
Mayonnaise 80% fat7450,25 BU0,20 mg25 g
Olive oil8820 BU0,10 mg20 g
Mayonnaise salad 50% fat4830 BU0,10 mg25 g
Sesame oil8820 BU0,00 mg20 g
Soybean oil8730 BU0,00 mg20 g
Sunflower oil8830 BU0,00 mg20 g

Vegetables, nuts and mushrooms

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Lentils, dried3104 BU3,70 mg50 g
Roasted peanuts5800.75 BU3,40 mg10 g
Nuts on average5620.75 BU3,00 mg10 g
Walnut6551 BU2,70 mg10 g
Peas801 BU1,03 mg200 g
Broccoli25negligible0,94 mg200 g
Onions30negligible0,82 mg50 g
Porcini20negligible0,70 mg200 g
Carrots25negligible0,64 mg200 g
Duck leg sponge12negligible0,60 mg200 g
Mushrooms15negligible0,50 mg200 g
Spinach15negligible0,50 mg200 g
Cale38negligible0,33 mg200 g
Potatoes701,25 BU0,27 mg70 g
Alabash25negligible0,26 mg200 g
Tomato20negligible0,24 mg50 g
Cauliflower23negligible0,23 mg200 g
Zucchini18negligible0,20 mg200 g

Miso / Soy / Tofu

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Soy flour2550,5 BU5,70 mg20 g
Soybean cuts2660,25 BU0,90 mg30 g
Dried soy4172.5 BU0,70 mg50 g
Miso1150,5 BU0,50 mg20 g
Soy milk340,1 BU0,50 mg200 g
Tofu fresh72negligible0,30 mg150 g


CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Oatmeal3605 BU4,50 mg10 g
Wholemeal rye flour2955 BU3,90 mg20 g
Corn881,5 BU3,50 mg200 g
Millet3315.25 BU3,40 mg25 g
Raw pasta3546 BU3,10 mg50 g
Wholemeal pasta, uncooked3235 BU3,00 mg50 g
Cereal3525 BU2,50 mg20 g
Uncooked rice3526 BU1,70 mg50 g
Wheat flour3255 BU1,10 mg20 g
Cornflakes3505 BU0,30 mg20 g

Bakery products

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Wholemeal biscuits4714.25 BU2,70 mg25 g
Whole grain bread1884 BU2,40 mg50 g
Rye rolls2234 BU1,80 mg50 g
Crispy bread3586 BU1,50 mg10 g
Brown bread2113.75 BU1,40 mg50 g
Toast2604 BU1,10 mg25 g
Breads2524.25 BU1,00 mg45 g
Pandishpan3643 BU0,70 mg70 g
Rusks3705 BU0,60 mg10 g
White bread2404 BU0,50 mg50 g


CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Dark chocolate4973.75 BU2,10 mg20 g
Milk chocolate5405 BU1,10 mg20 g
Marzipan4974.75 BU0,90 mg20 g
Honey3005 BU0,35 mg20 g
Fruit ice cream1312.25 BU0,30 mg20 g
Milk ice cream851 BU0,30 mg20 g
Artificial ice cream611,25 BU0,10 mg20 g
Jam2906 BU0,10 mg20 g
Chocolate kiss4355 BU0,10 mg20 g
Glucose4068.25 BU0,00 mg10 g
Sugar4069 BU0,00 mg10 g


CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
White wine740,25 BU0,20 mg125 g
Apple juice501 BU0,10 mg200 g
Fruit juice471 BU0,10 mg200 g
Red wine660,25 BU0,10 mg125 g
Non-alchoholic beer250,5 BU0,00 mg200 g
Alcoholic beer420,25 BU0,00 mg500 g
Cola drink611 BU0,00 mg200 g
Lemonade420.75 BU0,00 mg200 g
Carbonated wine790,25 BU0,00 mg100 g

Meat and sausages

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Liver1300 BU6,00 mg100 g
Lamb2630 BU5,00 mg100 g
Salami3830 BU4,00 mg30 g
Liver sausage3570 BU3,60 mg30 g
Beef1200 BU3,00 mg100 g
Mixed minced meat1700 BU2,75 mg100 g
Pork1450 BU2,50 mg100 g
Turkey1500 BU2,00 mg100 g
Boiled ham2100 BU2,00 mg30 g
Raw ham2900 BU2,00 mg30 g
Duck2270 BU1,80 mg100 g
Yellow sausage2840 BU1,20 mg30 g
Chicken2100 BU1,00 mg100 g

Fish and seafood

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Oysters660,25 BU86,00 mg100 g
Shrimp1020 BU2,30 mg100 g
Crabs940 BU2,30 mg100 g
Tuna1370 BU1,10 mg100 g
Carp910 BU0,90 mg150 g
Fresh salmon2030 BU0,80 mg150 g
Smoked salmon2880 BU0,80 mg50 g
Fried herring2070 BU0,70 mg125 g
Fried fish fingers1521,75 BU0,70 mg100 g
Trout1020 BU0,48 mg150 g

Eggs and dairy products

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Emmental 30% fat2500 BU4,63 mg30 g
Butter cheese2990 BU4,00 mg30 g
Gouda 45% fat3670 BU3,90 mg30 g
Gorgonzola3500 BU3,00 mg30 g
Camembert2830 BU2,70 mg30 g
Chicken egg1520 BU1,35 mg54 g
Buttermilk380,25 BU0,50 mg200 g
Cottage cheese1000 BU0,50 mg30 g
Fresh cheese 20% fat1100 BU0,50 mg100 g
Kefir500,25 BU0,40 mg200 g
Yogurt 3.5% fat700.75 BU0,38 mg150 g
Full-fat milk840,5 BU0,38 mg200 g
Butter7410 BU0,20 mg20 g

Fast food

CaloriesBread unitsZincMedium serving size
Bockwurst / Viennese2960 BU1,80 mg200 g
Bratwurst3510 BU1,40 mg200 g
Big Mac2881,5 BU1,30 mg
Karivurst2890 BU1,20 mg200 g
Pizza salami2652.25 BU1,00 mg
Marinated cucumber120 BU0,10 mg50 g

Oysters have the highest zinc content of 85 milligrams. 

Among plant foods, whole grains usually contain more zinc than industrial products, which are released from the surface layers. They also reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Unizink® 50 supplies the body with the daily dose of Zinc in the form of a zinc aspartate compound and stomach-friendly tablets.


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