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Memory and concentration

Achievement is a conscious action or activity of the memory and concentration that leads to a measurable, comparable result or at least personally satisfies the performer. The ability to perform is based on mental fitness, i.e. one’s own ability to perform. This includes the ability to concentrate and the ability to react, as well as the motivation to achieve the set performance goal.

Zinc is essential for brain development and subsequently for neurotransmitter metabolism, which controls the higher brain functions. The trace element affects the ability to concentrate and react quickly. It also helps you deal with stress better.

A study by James G. Penland, a scientist at the US Department of Agriculture, has shown that zinc supplementation improves mental performance( memory ) in adolescents. One group of seventh-grade students received an additional 10 milligrams of zinc daily. The second group of peers received 20 milligrams. The control group of students did not receive supplements. Attention, memory, responsiveness, imagination and logical thinking were tested both before and after the study.
The results after the end of the study showed that the mental performance( memory ) had improved significantly in the participants who had received 20 milligrams of zinc per day.
In order to be mentally and physically efficient, the organism needs the right nutrition, especially the micronutrient zinc.
In the event of a noticeable drop in performance, it should therefore always be checked whether it was caused or promoted by zinc deficiency. Despite the right diet, sufficient exercise and relaxation, performance can also be impaired by external influences. Too much or too little work as well as bullying at work or in the private sphere can cause a so-called burnout.


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