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Literally vegetarian means “alive” or “charging”. Vegetarians do not eat food that requires killing an animal. Vegetarians have been calling themselves vegans since the 1940s. They give up from all animal products. With regard to food, this means avoiding animal products, including dairy products, but also clothing, such as leather or fur, and using animals for other purposes.

The motivation to live vegan is both ethical and political. Respect for all living beings, including animals, requires a high degree of altruism (selflessness) on the part of the individual. At the same time, vegans act out of environmental awareness when they refuse animal products. But veganism does not mean abstinence for followers, but a healthy alternative to foods.

Most vegetarians eat better than omnivores and have a higher intake of minerals and vitamins than the average population.

Weaknesses are often in the supply of iron, calcium, iodine and zinc, especially in vegan diets. Whole grains offer higher nutritional value for zinc than processed grains that are free of bran and germs. Oats, corn, rice, rye and wheat germ contain relatively large amounts of zinc. However, only part of it is absorbed and used by the body. To counteract zinc deficiency, vegans should eat nuts and soy protein regularly. Miso also has a relatively high zinc content.

If these foods are not enough and despite the macrobiotic diet there are symptoms of deficiency such as decreased productivity or weakened immune system, it is recommended to purposefully replace zinc with a zinc preparation from a pharmacy such as Unizink® 50, after consultation with your doctor or naturopath. Aspartate, the salt obtained from asparagine in legume seedlings, is particularly suitable as a carrier when the trace element is taken in addition.

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